Saturday, September 20, 2003

Write to Me
By copying a bunch of code into my my header and blogger lines, I've succeeded in allowing other people to write comments into this online space. Now I need to understand how to send out invitations to the party via something called an RSS feed or syndication.

Earlier in the day, I wanted to fly under water like a bird so I went to the local pool and caught a few rays before everyone returned from their Saturday errands. The pool was empty, at least for a half an hour.

I surrendered myself to this medium of chance, dove into the pool and high-tailed myself to the five foot side like a bird moving through air, never coming up once.

A Native American friend once told me to imagine how strong a salmon can be moving inside its own element, which is the only way to understand water, he said.

But what if the element is not water, but an electronic one, like the Web? How do we begin know it when it is always changing just like Heraclitus' river, which we can never step into twice?

Yet there is this recognizable structure, this community, a streambed of email and writing and servers pinging and singing their bits and bytes, Xs and Os lining up in packets, those chromosomes of our communication.

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