Thursday, September 11, 2003

On this second anniversary of 9/11 the news day begins with children at Ground Zero who are reading off a litany of names belonging to those who died in the conflagration: "I miss you." "We remember you."

And as much as I grieve with them, I dislike propping up these children on television to carry a political message, using their tears to justify a so-called war on terrorism. I, too, cry for those who were killed, but I mostly cry for my country. I cry for how this administration is blatantly trashing our heritage and how The Homeland People now want to color code the kind of airplane trip we take so they can better protect us.

A spate of ACLU meetings please erupt everywhere.

I cry that we allow our politicians to dismember our country on prime time TV, every night the evening news becomes our spectator sport.

"So what'll ya have tonight?

"Salmon? Free-range chicken? Another 87 more million dollars to plow into depleted uranium weapons?"

But I'm also glad to cry today, instead of two years ago when Lawrence, my husband from whom I am separated, left me to cry by myself because he couldn't understand why I was so upset by something that had happened so far away from me, and anyhow, "we had it coming to us."

A cut away from feeling until we are zombies all.

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