Saturday, November 27, 2004

Public Discourse
Beethoven's 5th, ballgame cheers,
Doris Day's phone in the 50's,
ringing at the same time
from several street corners,
tucked in a purse, backpack, brown bag,
or held firmly between teeth,
bright Chesire Cat of a mini-kiosk
flipping into a street sign.

She calls from points unknown
to "come and get me,"
when coming and getting
don't know each other
from either direction,
the way a Lion King roars
at a stage puppet
with its head lopped off.

1 comment:

The White Wolf said...

I read your thoughts on this glowing screen
Wondering if there is some type of scheme
But then I stop and just soak it all in
And now I understand where you begin..
So with that being said today
I will be on my marry way..

Look forward to more.. keep writing.. see you soon..