Monday, February 02, 2004

The Way I Cut Up

A muzzled dog guards Buffalo Exchange in Berkeley while the Hare Krishna Society marches up Telegraph Avenue with thumbnail cymbals. Looking for Anne Waldman in Moe’s Bookstore and thinking of getting my hair done in Chicago. I hear a tribute to Billy Strayhorn on KPFA. Bicycle riders model Spandex in broad daylight. Cute tushies.

Wind is an advertisement for every place it touches.

The in-word at this year’s Seybold Conference is taxonomy. The speaker has a Microsoft 95 tattoo that needs to be upgraded every two years. The information model is the ultimate content management tool. No consistent suite. Way of the stickiness. Young people with continuous partial attention phenomena drive semi-trucks

Where rivers run no fresher than a trickle of saliva.

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